Our foundation is established in 2007 & registered under society registration act 1860 & Bombay public trust act 1950 with Asst. charity commissioner, Akola, also registered ’ u/s 12 AA and 80 G of income tax act 1961. we runs’ BALVIKAS KENDRA’ for hearing impaired children ,A rehab centre , speech hearing language training & parent training of young hearing impaired .The program is constructed to bring them in to hearing & speaking world & to enable them to get education in normal school with normal child. Involving Parent’s as an equal partner in the daily activity. In addition to that, for general school readiness of H I children we run BALVIKAS SPECIAL ORAL AURAL SCHOOL, un-aided special primary school, non-residential. Above both the programs are un-aided and approved by commissioner of persons with disability of government of Maharashtra. Government financial support is none.  The program is constructed to bring them in to hearing & speaking world & enable them to get education in General school with normal child. Educating young children with Hearing Impairment is a family affair. Parent’s encouragement also done by involving them in this activity as an equal partner.


    Enabling hearing impaired to hear speak learn & educate them to be a part of normal hearing society.

    We are running ’Balvikas Kendra’ a rehabilitation center & speech hearing language training center & parent training center for young hearing impaired children


    We began with 2 kids (2008) and now the capacity of 50 , 71 hearing impaired children integrated into primary education in general schools of their choice; equal numbers of parents are trained to deal problem of their special child and to build the support system at home.

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