Foundation is registered under Society Registration Act 1860 (MAHA/186/2008) & Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 (F- 12382 AK) also registered as ‘charitable trust’ U/s 12 A & 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.Trust activity in disability area is approved by commissioner of persons with disability, Government of Maharashtra

    Believing that, the previous executive board has work consistently with dedication and still the important steps ahead, the previous executive committee will continue for next tenure with the generosity of all the trustees. 

    For people residing in rural areas can not avail speech therapy and education by the oral method for their child. Main thing is that, oral-aural habilitation of hearing impaired is costly affair, so that in the year 2008 our foundation comes forward to deal the issue of hearing impaired children. Foundation runs all the activities without any government grants. Thanks to all our donors, supporters and well wishers, parents for believing in us and ensuring BALVIKAS SPECIAL SCHOOL AND KEDRA OF EMFA continues to do what it has set out to do….give deaf children and their families a voice..

     Habilitation is need of who have congenital hearing loss, and correct word for training .a person with congenital hearing loss is called, auditory habilitation they are trained to listen, learn and talk.

    Commissioner of persons with disability, Government of Maharashtra, Pune Awarded ‘A ‘grade to set up of Balvikas special school and Balvikas Kendra a setup of early intervention and parents training both the registrations are renewed for next five years and approved up to 31 march 2021 and 31 march 2022 respectively 

      The program is constructed to bring them in to hearing & speaking world & enable them to get education in General school with normal child. Educating young children with Hearing Impairment is a family affair. Parent’s encouragement also done by involving them in this activity as an equal partner.


    Enabling hearing impaired to hear speak learn & educate them to be a part of normal hearing society.

    We are running ’Balvikas Kendra’ a rehabilitation center & speech hearing language training center & parent training center for young hearing impaired children


    We began with 2 kids (2008) and now the capacity of 50 , 71 hearing impaired children integrated into primary education in general schools of their choice; equal numbers of parents are trained to deal problem of their special child and to build the support system at home.

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