Enable him/her
to be an active part
of our essentially
hearing and
speaking world.


► Hearing disability is a hidden handicap therefore it is necessary to help such children over come their hearing impairment as early as possible by early intervention.
► Identify such children and to initiate hearing and language training at an early age of 6-8 months.
► Presently such facilities are available only in metro city. Language forms the base on which the educational base is built upon.
► Development of language through various special methods techniques of teaching.
► Various activity is to be conducted for social, emotional, cognitive and overall development of the deaf children.
►  Give equal opportunities for such children to grow. & to guide and strive in order that the hearing impaired,
►  Deaf & dumb become able to live a self-dependent life.providing suitable hearing aids to needy poor child from economically backward class.
►  Empowering the parents to act as equal partners in the educational process.
►  They are trained time to time by conducting contact program.
►  Mainstream / integrate children who are deaf into regular education classes with appropriate support service.


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