Give every
hearing impaired
child chance to
listen, learn
and speak.


  • Give every hearing impaired child chance to listen, learn and speak, thus, enabling him to be an active part of our essentially, hearing and speaking world." 


No child should be neglected for lack of hearing, instead of deaf children should have equal opportunity to grow into normal society.

"Ekvira Multipurpose Foundation Akola”, is nothing but a major attempt of the society to get an insight into the problems of the hearing handicap children who are otherwise a neglected and dejected part of society.


~ SURVEY ~                                                                                                                                           NEONATAL HEARING SCREENING PROGRAM , ( NOT AVAILABLE)                                                                      ~ HEARING ASSESMENT, ~                                                                                                                          PARENTS AND FAMILY COUNSELING                                                                                                                      ~ AVT THEARAPY                                                                                                                                                         ~ PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESMENT, ( NOT AVAILABLE)                                                                                            ~ OCCUPATIONAL AND PHESYOTHERAPY ( NOT AVAILABLE)                                                                             ~ SPEECH – HEARING – LANGUAGE TRAINING,                                                                                                     ~ SPEECH THERAPY,                                                                                                                                                    ~ AUDIOLOGICAL MANAGEMENT & SUPPORT,                                                                                                      ~ CULTURAL ACTIVITIES,                                                                                                                                          ~ PRE AND PRIMARY ORAL EDUCATION,                                                                                                               ~ PARENT TRAINING AND EMPOWERMENT ,                                                                                                        ~ CONTINUOUS OVERALL SUPPORT                                                                                                                       ~ HEARING AID BANK & HEARING AID FITTING ( NOT AVAILABLE)                                                                       ~ OWN BUILDING ( NOT AVAILABLE)                                                                                                                                                            ~ EVERY THING FOR THE REHABILITATION OF HEARING IMPAIRED CHILDREN AT YOUNG AGE UNDER SINGLE ROOF.                                                                     


  • Toward hearing Impaired childrens
  • "To work for the rehabilitation of hearing impaired boys and girls who’s discernible, and audible, perceptible, intellectual of speech growth is stunted.
  • To understand the difficulties and problems of the hearing handicap children and to strive to solve those problems.
  • To guide and strive in order that the hearing impaired, deaf & dumb become able to live a self-dependent life.
  • To provided necessary help for medical treatment to the hearing impaired children.
  • The early detection and identification of hearing impaired & auditory management of infant, toddlers, children so identified.
  • Individual should seek to instruct primary care give ness in way to provide optimal aquatics stimulation within meaningful context and support the development of the most favorable auditory learning environment for the acquisition of spoken language.
  • Endeavor to mainstream / integrate children who are deaf into regular education classes with appropriate support service.  

  • Toward Parents of Hearing Impaired Childrens   
  • To bring about unity among parents. 
  • To increase their level of thinking. 
  • To bring about a change in their vision. 
  • To build up their self esteem and conversational skills. 
  • To build up a positive approach towards life. 
  • To encourage them to read.


About 4 babies are born deaf in every 1000 birth in our country. If hearing disability detected at earliest provided hearing devices are assertive and well-managed, then the child learn spoken language naturally, can converse with relative ease under the direction of an auditory-verbal therapist, special educator in partnership with parent,

There is no neo- natal hearing screening program implemented in our country to detect hearing disability of new born babies. But, this is deprived things, Hearing impaired child first faces disability of deafness, dumbness follows, then they put in special school to develop, further they are taught by sign language method up to middle school. Still there are no facilities to continue their higher education in same stream.

Hence, only 2.5 % reaches to secondary school, 1.1 % to higher secondary, 0.9 % up graduation level. EMFA dose not only focus on auditory habilitation, we look forward to over all development, we putting academic foundation with concrete base of general education and providing pre and primary education of general stream also, helping them to do well academically, Finding their aptitude / interest in other field, art, craft, sports, dance, drama, playing musical instruments, etc.The main focus is that, they must have literacy skills, read right and have good language, and speech to communicate, have better “quality life” become independent person in the society.

We conducted all relevant activities for the oral-aural rehabilitation of young age hearing impaired child and parents are taught to deal the problem of their special child by involving them in to daily activity. parent counseling, guidance and training, social awareness program, AVT therapy, speech- hearing- language training, pre-schooling, primary schooling, general school readiness and integration, health check-up, workshops, seminars, parents get-together, educational tour, picnic, festival celebrations, visits of social worker, experts of oral education field etc. for over all development of hearing impaired child . Enabling them to have equal opportunities in the main stream of society

Since, we could put 71 hearing impaired student in to general school up to this year, This year Balvikas age center has 25 and school has 25 hearing impaired kids and 45 mothers attended regular training along their child, For the main streaming and general school integration, student of Balvikas prepared them to enter in to semi English medium for further standard.


The center is held in a rented place containing 8 rooms of 2500 sq. ft. The center has 4 special teachers, 1 craft teacher, 1 music teacher 1 trainer,10 volunteers and project coordinator, audiological assistant, ENT specialist support.



Mrs. Suchita and Shrikant Bansod


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Dr. Nansaheb Choudhari


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